Space planning principles

  • simple, logical layout. It is desirable to have more than one entrance for visitors. Organization of planning is from the center to the outside. Center is a place of concentration, passages and easy communication; perimeter is a cozy and calm space.

Cozy and non-binding environment

  • the casual restaurant should be stylish enough, functional and capacious. At the same time, it should have a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Welcoming large bar area

  • the bar can become the basis of the interior and the main accent. Behind the bar customer can have a snack and chat. Combined classic bar and high tables area together with bar stools. It can be also supported by single-standing high coffee tables for fast food/drinks. High tables go deep into the hall from the bar zone - the optimal places for the groups  of  4-8 persons in the bar.

Dining area

  • Spacious area includes upholstered furniture, tables for groups of 2-6 people, independent bar tables for fast food.

Coffee/beverages area

  • Can have a dedicated bar area with drinks. It good possibility to do it inside and on the terraces area. Is allocated with cozy armchairs and small round tables.​


  • isolated street areas. Open areas covered with awnings and barred with large pots with greens. The terraces are filled with smaller furniture.

Key Design principles

  • a warm and cozy atmosphere based on South-West American style, on the other hand, restaurant design  should be upgraded for better accepted of Chinese customers.

Chili’s in Shanghai

  • International looking casual dining restaurant with a fun and energetic atmosphere where family and friends can gather over a delicious meal.

Floor Plan


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