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   We believe that best Project Realization comes from an integration of all the influences that are forming the character and image of a building: a creative architectural vision that makes it unique; functionality that serves the visitors; forming shape symbolism; the relationship of a building to the neighboring and to the skyline; located in history and forming of a new story; its ecology and natural light quality; social relationship and services that form the functional planning; the structure that holds and protect it; Engineering that makes it alive and last but not least its ability to serve and inspire people. 


Project Management

Our Project management team involved in initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve design and construction goals and meet the best success criteria at the specified time.

Design Management

Our Project management team involved in initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve design and construction goals and meet the best success criteria at the specified time.

Design Support

Design Communications
The Design Communications group helps design teams visualize projects, producing a wide range of work, from hand-drawn sketches, presentations, drawings, digital concept art paintings to photorealistic artwork.

Modelmakin, Visualization and 3d modeling
The modelmaking and visualization team assist the teams throughout the design process, creating everything from sketch models to large-scale building mock-ups, produces architectural visualisations, animations, motion graphics and films for the practice for use at concept stages, construction, marketing and final presentations.


Building Technical Expertise

Specialized technical expertise for historical monuments:

  • technical expertise to assess the protection level at gravitational and seismic loads

  • technical expertise for repair works (consolidations, extensions, multi-layering, re-compartmentalizing, annexation to dead walls)

  • expertise the conservation status of architectural elements

  • technical expertise for buildings demolition

  • Construction expertise at any stage of the work

  • Building audit

  • Technical survey and evaluation of the technical condition of buildings

Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering team has experience in tall and complex buildings, and particular knowledge of non-linear and seismic design and analysis. The team works on projects from their initial conception right through to completion on site together with the architectural teams. They also liaise with other engineering consultants on projects, where the knowledge of local codes and third-party procedures may be beneficial.


Pre-Crafted Interiors

Each of our prefabricated interior is a product of unique individual design with extremely quality materials actualized through a high level of professionalism.

Behind each project is a process of innovation and integration to achieve creative goals and customer's needs as well as social, ecological, sustainable existence.

This satisfaction is achieved with feelings of space harmony between useful function, creative idea and inner feeling of visitors.


Environmental Engineering & Engineering

The Environmental Engineering team combine their broad knowledge of engineering and environmental processes for developing effective solutions of environmental problems. In collaboration of Engineering teams designs efficient building systems that reduce energy and water consumption, enhances user comfort and ensures indoor environmental quality. There are many aspects to the team’s work including: Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Public Health; Fire Protection; Vertical Transportation; Architectural Lighting Design; Building Physics and Sustainability.


Sustainable construction aims to meet present day needs for housing, working environments and infrastructure without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in times to come.


It incorporates elements of economic efficiency, environmental performance and architectural responsibility – and contributes to the greatest extent when architectural quality, technical innovation and transferability are included.

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Reconstruction & Restoration
of Monuments of Architecture

Restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments - this is quite a complicated processes of expertise, structural analysis, historical research, architectural design and restoration design work.

When construction performance must strictly adhere to the design documentation and only in this case you can expect to receive the expected result. Archproject-MDM Project Management and Supervision team support construction to achieve urban's monument goals. 

Sometimes to build a new building is much easier than to restore an object that provides a certain historical and cultural image of a city. Accordingly to drafting the need to pay special attention to the order of those or other construction works and the possibility of renovation and consolidation of monuments.



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