VILLA D580, 4 bedrooms, 576m²


Discover the Hybrid Difference

     The complexity and high cost of building a custom home meant that for most of us, building that dream home could only ever be a dream – until now. Hybrid Building System's innovative approach to custom built homes combines the best of conventional building methods with prefabricated panels and classic post and beam/timber frame construction, cutting the costs – and time – of building a new home.


How it Work?

    Hybrid Prefabricated (HP) is a method of construction which integrates prefab structure, walls, overlaps, roof and cast in-situ concrete on site to make best advantage of their different inherent qualities. The accuracy, speed and high-quality finish of precast components can be combined with the economy and flexibility of cast in-situ concrete.

    Hybrid prefabricated construction produces simple, buildable and competitive structures. The client is given better value and the contractor benefits from increased off-site component manufacture, high quality and durability, safe and faster construction and consistent performance.


What are better economic outcomes?

The economic outcomes throughout  the  construction value   chain   are   defined  differently for the different actors:



- Higher resale value

- Lower purchase prices

- Reduced maintenance requirements

- Fewer administrative costs

- Improved quality of the completed construction

- Better understanding of system performance


Consenting authority:

- Reduced time spent on construction sites assessing compliance a nd travelling to site

- Reduced time spent processing consenting documentation

- Fewer consent alterations

- Clear consent expectations