Villa 217 - a unique residence nestled on the peak of ANAMAYA hills, it has 2 sides sea view and 1 side mountain view. Naturally ventilated, it catches a cool sea breeze in the morning and protects overheat from the south and west sides. Elegant and aesthetic facade lines make the feeling of a villa that float in the air.  Unique functionality intertwined with design amazes with its versatility and range of possibilities.


Architect: Mikhail Povstaniuk

  Villa 217 is suitable for living of 10 residents and has landscaped yard, 2 pools, children's pool, Zen garden, living area, lounge with club, billiard, gym, yoga, spacious terrace, 5 bedrooms with bathroom, wardrobe and terrace. Also one bedroom with bathroom for staff, garage for 4 cars, security post, room for drivers, gest room with office, home cinema, waterfall, separate entrance for staff and loading deck, backup second kitchen, play-class room, panoramic gazebo-sala, elevator and more.




Nestled within its tranquil, natural surroundings, Anamaya is only minutes from the island’s most famous beaches, tourist attractions, and restaurants.  Take a  stroll along beautiful  Choeng  Mon and Samrong Bay beaches, visit the golden statue of Big Buddha, dine in the charming restaurants of  Fisherman's  Village, and enjoy the nightlife of Chaweng.

A 10-minute drive from Koh Samui International Airport sees you at Cheong Mon Beach just below the Anamaya development. As you wind your way up the hillside you find yourself at the site of the latest development by the team behind the award-winning Samui development. Thought up by lead architect and designer Misha Povstaniuk of the A-MDM, he sought out to create a contemporary tropical living style. The villas show a glimpse of how to push the boundaries of design, style, and functionality in this segment of the Luxury market.

Anamaya Samui Location


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  The architecture of Villa 217 represents a solid solution with the environmental design, architecture, landscaping, interior design and production round up to a holistic Pre-Craft Product.   A-MDM creates a unique skyline and strong environmental design for the ANAMAYA Samui.

  Villa 217 shares the same dramatic views, continuing the seamless relationship between architecture and nature with aesthetic curves and balanced lines.  Villas combine the natural beauty of the landscape with a stylish, contemporary architectural design. 

  The roof has a special shape with good sun and rain protection, also this form has provided natural air cooling of space and catch sea breeze.

 Sidewalls have a special shape for improving privacy, protect from overheat and make elegant facade lines. The interior design is integrated into the architectural and landscape designs. White Fiber-Cement walls create the perfect harmony between shape and space, aesthetically curved and balanced lines - naturally harmonized with the environment. Wood and glass add warmth and brightness. The light interior decorating color palette and round shapes create safety, soft and pleasant architectural interiors and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.


 The highly aesthetic specially designed lights are integrated into the ceiling and walls, providing a special atmosphere adapted to any mood, weather, or day/night time and controlled by a smartphone. 

  Villa 217 has 4 car garage in case of events amount of gest car parking can be up to 8. 

  The architecture of Villa 217 represent a solid solution with the environmental design, architecture, landscaping, interior design and
production round up to a holistic Pre-Craft Product.

 A-MDM creates a unique and strong environmental design for Anamaya in order to ensure the visual differences that stand out among other development areas in the region.

  The unique character of the Villa is based on a spiritual connection with the environment and the inner harmony of the human being. It plays the inaudible music of a calm river, freedom of space and nature, creating an atmosphere of appeasement leading the mind and heart into serenity.


   Villa 217 supplied with an independent power supply and solar panels on the roof capable of providing 25kw per hour.


  Villa 217 is a high-end villa located on the peak of a hill and has a three-way orientation to the east, south and west. From the east and west offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand, from the south overlooks a green island and mountains. Villa 217 has three entrances, the first main "ceremonial" entrance for owners and guests from the south, the second - entrance to the garage, and the third inconspicuous entry for staff from the east.
The layout of Master Plan is designed to open sea-view, and the same time provide high privacy. Infinity pool has panoramic sea view, and roof skate of next building is located at least 2 meters below.

Villa, roads and pedestrian tracks are allocated on difficult landscape, therefore, some places need to be flattened to create safe incline.

Main road has 5.5 meters wide total and two pedestrian lane 1.25 meters each. On the landscape there are pedestrian tracks with width from 1.0 to 1.8 meters, with minimal slope for comfortable and convenient movement people with disability. Pedestrian lane join every Villa together and also connect with reception, club, restaurant, Apartment Blocks and also beach club on the east coast.

Special attention is paid to the landscape, Villas have a landscaped park, children's shallow pool and bar area, also green islands in fences.


Rainwater is removed naturally from the Villa to the car road, rainwater is also collected in each block to irrigate the territories. Excess rainwater will be discharged onto the state road and into a
specially provided collector near the bay.

Water Supply
Three deep-water wells are also provided in Anamaya. They are needed for drinking water, kitchen, cooking, pools, etc.

Power Supply
Power supply - from government sources and individual solar systems.

Air Conditions
Central air-condition with heat recuperation into hot water.

Sewerage Systems
Each Villa is equipped with a septic sewerage system.

Back stage and Garbage Removal 
Villa has a separate place for garbage collection, and the functional diagram is made so that the work of the staff is not visible to the residents of the house.

Each Villa, is designed with application of prefab bearing elements and exterior walls with the most efficient insulation for region.

Windows and Doors
The Villas use energy-efficient double-glazed windows and lowemission glass. The emissivity of any glass is characterized by its emission coefficient or emitter. The smaller this value, the less heat loss through the glass. If in ordinary glass this value is about 0.84, then in energy-saving low-emission glasses it is much smaller. This systems has great sound insulation.


  ANAMAYA Samui is set on the northeast peninsula of Koh Samui, with unequaled panoramic 270° views over the headland, the nearby island of Koh Phangan, and the turquoise blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Rising to the peak of two hillsides facing both east and west, Anamaya is distinguished by its naturally beautiful setting, striking architecture, and dramatic ocean views. Ancient banyan trees, giant boulders, and remnant coastal rain forests give the site its special character.


A wide range of Villas and Apartment Blocks designs have been created to take full advantage of this exceptional setting, all sharing a contemporary, organic style and approach to tropical living.


Smart technologies are built into each Villa allowing energy-efficient control over all engineering systems, such as electrical systems, water treatment, ventilation, and cooling.


Anamaya also features an exclusive private clubhouse, wedding plaza, sports center, spa, and children’s playground, which together with the estate’s five-star management will rival the best hotels - allowing owners and guests to enjoy a luxurious island lifestyle.

Exclusive Luxury Villa 217

6 bedrooms, 1 920 m². Koh Samui, Thailand