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About A-MDM | Design & Expertise Services, Pre-Crafted Villa & House

A-MDM Corporation


since 1994

AMDM  company has valued modern trends,  high quality, and individual approach to its clients in the field of architecture, design, and production since 1994.

For 27 years of productive practice, we’ve made more than 1000 Projects and more than 600 buildings and structures were built by our Designs!

The success of our work has been recognized by numerous awards and prizes, and the most important mark is the gratitude of our clients and partners.


City-planning, public space development, commercial, industrial, residential, retail, hospitality, and health care Designs – all these features that we working on, carry by itself the eternal feeling of harmony and innovations that saturated the human being. 

A-MDM Shanghai

AMDM Shanghai provides professional urban design, architectural, interior design, furniture design, structural engineering, environmental engineering, master planning, research and expertise, project managing services, and solutions to our customers.

AMDM provides design, engineering, consultation, and real estate expert services. The unique design has high aesthetic and economic benefits. This also takes into account the environmental, and technical aspects of modern design, production, and construction.

Mikhail and Nadiya Povstaniuk

Nadiya & Mikhail Povstaniuk

Pre-Crafted Manufactory

AMDM Shanghai specialized in the production of Luxury Pre-Crafted Homes and Interior Production for the Luxury Market. We are using our experience to produce high-quality Houses, Villas, Apartments, Luxury boutiques, Galleries, Shops, and Offices. Clients received “turnkey“ products fast and the best - factory's quality.

AMDM Pre-Craft effective and flexible manner cooperate with customers and partners it provides customized services designed for the owner's, an unique personality and quality in achieving project highly aesthetic and has economic benefits. Also taking into account the environmental concerns of today's humanities and design, proposed as the basis for our Design and Productions.


We are working in planning, designing, and constructing form, space, and ambiance to reflect functional, technical, social, environmental, and aesthetic considerations.


All of our projects reflect innovation and sustainability. We stand on a highly experienced background to make the future. Often conflicting requirements must be resolved. Our practice of architecture also encompasses the pragmatic aspects of realizing buildings and structures, including scheduling, cost estimation, and construction administration. 


Archproject – MDM was founded in 1994  in Odesa, Ukraine, as a family-based company. Now it is one of the most famous and respectable companies in the country.

In 2011 opened branch AMDM Shanghai, China.

AMDM Shanghai engaged in Design and Production in China and all over Asia.

Since, AMDM has its branches in Vienna, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, engage in Urban planning, Architectural, Interior, Structural, and Civil Engineering Design as well as City planning, public space development, landscape design.


Mather Company  Archproject-MDM

Our studio specializes in the integrated design of new buildings and structures for various purposes, such as private housing, public buildings, and industrial objects, reconstruction, and restoration of monuments of architecture, urban planning, and interior design.


  • Urban Planning

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Structural Design

  • Construction Management

  • Building Services 

  • MEP Engineering

  • Landscape

  • Project Management

Mikhail Povstaniuk

Mikhail G. Povstaniuk

  • Member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine;

  • Member of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine, Profesor;

  • Honored Architect of Ukraine;

  • Founder of Archproject-MDM; 

  • Chief Architect.

Dmytro Povstaniuk

Dmitriy Povstaniuk

  • Member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine;

  • Member of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine (Academician);

  • Co-Founder of Archproject-MDM;

  • Leading Architect.

Mykhailo Povstaniuk

Mikhail Povstaniuk

  • Member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine;

  • Member of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine (Academician);

  • Co-Founder of Archproject-MDM;

  • Leading Designer, Co-Founder of A-MDM;

  • Distinguished Professional Design Judge.

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