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A-MDM Design & Manufacture of the Interiors

   Our interior space design serves to express a story about the contemporary lifestyle, to lift up personal confidence that the spectator deserves a better life, and the designed environment support you. Thaе is why each interior meets high personal requirements, high-quality materials, and safety standards, it is functional service,  designed multifunction details, natural and artificial light, hard and soft design principles, but the feeling of space as well.


  When we design a home, we integrate our design with the home owner’s lifestyle. In-home design our target is to provide a feeling of comfort, safety, aesthetic, style, and then balanced it all to make harmonize interior character for private taste.

  When we design a commercial premise, we merge our design into the client’s corporate image and branding concept so that the corporate identity is manifest.

   Each of our pre-crafted interiors is a product of unique individual design with extremely quality materials actualized through a high level of professionalism.

 Behind each project is a process of innovation and integration to achieve creative goals and customer's needs as well as social, ecological, sustainable existence.

   This satisfaction is achieved with feelings of space harmony between useful function, creative idea, an inner feeling of visitors.

Latest Interior Designs

Pre-Crafted Residence - Villa, House, Apartments

Interior Design, Working Process

A-MDM Design & Manufacture of the Interiors

I. We start by identifying project objectives and programs, examining and analyzing location, understanding inner space constraints and opportunities, as well as environmental and sustainable impacts and possibilities, and forming a project roadmap.

II. Idea Discovery [Schematic Design]: This process starts with a constant client-designer feedback loop to explore design concepts, features, choices, and iterations. The schematics step of the design process is the most inspiring and innovative. Via models and sketches, we investigate the economic analysis, personality, and character of space, shapes, and material qualities. This process finishes with a chosen design path and an outline specification outlining the basic scope of the project in preparation for schematic cost estimation. Schematic design is when a planner communicates three-dimensional and decorative ideas about the room to the client.

III. Reality Check – Budget, Approvals, and Contractor Interviews: The schematic design drawings are used to solicit early pricing estimates from contractors.  This serves as a budget reality check, allowing us to start working with a single contractor to help manage costs as the design progresses. Contractor interviews and selection are typically handled by A-MDM for clients. If there are any exceptions

IV. Making it Real [Design Development]: During this process, the interior design is fine-tuned in collaboration with the client and building systems (structural engineering, sustainability, lighting, ventilation, and so on), and construction materials are determined and designed in accordance with local building and energy codes. We usually ask the contractor to refine their estimates at the end of this process to help us monitor the project.

V. Nuts and Bolts [Construction Documents]: Continuing together with client feedback A-MDM develops the detailed construction and specification documents to permit and build the project. During this process, materials, finishes, products, and other specifications are finalized. Finally, the design documents are given to the contractor for final pricing and schedule approval, and the owner and contractor sign an agreement.

VI. Permitting and Approvals: The contractor submits the construction documents to the building department to obtain all necessary permits for construction. A-MDM will address any questions or comments from the contractor or local permitting officials during this phase.

VII. Getting, it Built [Construction Administration]: A-MDM serves as the owner's representative agent during construction. We provide assistance to the client and contractor in interpreting and clarifying documentation and/or design intentions. We visit the job site on a regular basis to check on growth, workmanship, and consistency. We approve contractor shop drawings, respond to requests for additional details, and decide on the best course of action for any improvements that are required. Before certifying owner/bank payments to the contractor, A-MDM typically reviews construction progress and retains the authority to reject work that does not conform to the design documents. Consistent communication must be maintained throughout the construction process.

VIII. Finishing Up [Project Closeout]: Upon substantial completion of construction A-MDM will inspect the work with the owner to check conformance with the design documents and verify any work to be completed or corrected by the contractor before final payment.

Pre-Crafted Residence - Villa, House, Apartment

LUXURY, Designed for Life. For excellent quality, safe eco-materials, and technology, the Pre-Crafted Residence is the best choice.

​Pre-Crafted Restaurant, Café, Kiosk and Entertainment

​Pre-Crafted Restaurant, Café, Kiosk & Entertainment

Office, CEO, Representative Office, and Showroom are all pre-built (Pre-Crafted).

Office & Showroom

Uniqueness and Individuality. This is what distinguishes each of us. It's important for us to consider this in our clients because the best interior design comes from a thorough examination and appreciation of what makes an organization and its employees special.. This is what makes each of us individuals. It is essential to recognize this in our clients, as the best interior design comes from an in-depth analysis and understanding of what makes a particular company and its workforce unique.

Pre-Crafted Retail, Boutique & Gallery

Retail, Boutique & Gallery
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