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SUBWAY kiosk. Hongqiao Railway Station.

SUBWAY kiosk. Hongqiao Railway Station.

Kiosk for "SUBWAY". No matter how big is development for us key point - sustainability and care for details.


Location - Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai

Time Limits: Design service - 14 days. Prefabrication, preparation, installation - 25 days


1. Design Service Phase:

To Design for such brands like "SUBWAY" is a challenge. The key point is to balancing between brand design standards and create the right emotion for customers. Here big influence played - nonstandard location, Brand demands, Landlord demands, neighboring and etc.


2. Prefabrication and Construction preparation:

Prefabrication starts parallelly with construction and engineering preparation. TIME is twice shorter than in regular construction. Minimum Noice and NO SMELL!

  • Location

    Hongqiao Railway Station. Shanghai, China


  • Appointment & Completion




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