PreCrafted Villa & House Manufacture 

A-MDM Pre-Crafted  -  Manufactured Luxury Villas & Houses with smart and meaningful architecture and design!

Pre+Crafted - Innovative Product -  Luxury Villas and Houses manufactured, delivered, and assembled in a short period of time with the highest factory quality. Factory production of Luxury villas and houses is a reliable solution in which environmental design, architecture, landscape design, interior design, and manufacturing are complete and finished products.

A-MDM Smart Design creates the unique character of the villa or house, A-MDM Factory manufactures all elements of the building with the highest quality and precision, A-MDM Management facilitates delivery and control installation on-site in a short time

A-MDM PreCrafted is a building with luxurious design, functionality, and aesthetics, made of extremely durable materials and tight deadlines.

Each villa and house of A-MDM Pre+Crafted meets modern and safety requirements for the quality of life apply high standards of technology, engineering, environmental friendliness, and durability to meet the needs of all families.


international A-MDM design award 2020
Design Figure Award 2017

Pre-Crafted Luxury House, Villa and Apartments

Fast Installing Modular Houses and Villas


Pre-Crafted Family House and Villa

Classic House and Villa


Why choose  A-MDM Hybrid Pre-Crafted House and Villa. 

A-MDM Manufactured Luxury Villas & Houses 

1. Safer:

Prefabricate production of structural, walls, and engineering systems is safer than traditional construction methods. For example, steel performs better in disasters such as earthquakes, typhoon,s etc, so the use of steel structure is safer. A-MDM Villas has seismic performance up to 8 degree


2. Durable and Fire resist:

A-MDM housing is made from anti-corrosion and high strength galvanized or aluminum galvanized steel structure.  Fibro cement paneling one of the most durable facade materials. The whole structure is more durable and there is no need to worry about the contribution to fire.


3. High water and heat insulation:
100 mm in thickness vs of 1 meter of a brick wall.


4. High acoustic insulation:

64 dB for exterior walls and 43 dB for interior wall.


5. Comfortable:

The House structure is moisture-proof and insect-proof as well it has excellent heating and noise proof ability. The living environment is more secure and comfortable.


6. Easy to assemble and disassemble: repetitive to use.


7. Flexible:

All pipes can be concealed in the walls or floor structure. The actual usage area is at least 5% more than traditional buildings. The different living areas can be divided freely according to the design requirement and won’t be restricted by the position of the load-bearing walls.


8. Energy Saving:

The Composite lightweight and high strength floor and wall materials are insulated reducing noise and saving a lot of money in energy costs.


9. Environment Friendly:

100% light gauge housing frame is recyclable and reusable. There is no environmental pollution concern.ired in the construction process.


10. Design Flexibility:

Prefabricated construction can accommodate almost any style of residential buildings.


11. Low Cost:

Compared with concrete or other types of structures, a light gauge steel structure is light and reduces the requirement on foundation loads, which can result in large-scale savings in foundation costs.


12. Speed up:

All the parts can be pre-fabricated in the factory and are quick to install. The sequence of design makes it possible to construct both internal and external walls simultaneously, which speeds up construction.


13. Quick Capital Turnover: