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IIDA AWARD 2020 I Innovative Design

During the course of world events, a wonderful project was developed # Environmental Villas # which have already received awards for their uniqueness and exclusivity.

These Villas live as a single organism, the creator in the person of Mikhail Povstaniuk, endowed them with their hearts, lungs ... Immune system what allows Villas to protect and create a wonderful atmosphere inside this development. We do not take the uniqueness of architectural forms and the use of Eco-materials which is also very important and these villas have. We are talking about a global situation and a pandemic. Mikhail found the main solution, and created the Villas as a single organism with all protective systems using the natural environment.

The houses use special measures and materials to destroy microorganisms and viruses. The first award of this unique development will take place in Italy, we will announce you the award dates later. You can learn about beauty, convenience, accessibility and thoughtfulness by visiting the site.

即将发布 在全球事件的发展进程中,一个全新的项目#环境别墅#开发完成,它的别致与独特已为它赢得多个奖项 该项目中的别墅为独立有机体,该项目的创造者代表Mikhail Povstanyuk,赋予了这些别墅心、肺……这些免疫系统使别墅在其开发区内保护并打造了一个优美的环境。这些别墅不仅有独特的建筑形态,同时使用了非常重要的生态材料。我们当前正面对全球性的疫情。Mikhail找到了主要解决方案,并将这些别墅打造成使用自然环境作为保护系统的独立有机体。 这一独特的开发项目将在意大利获得其首个奖项,我们会在几天后公布。 你可访问以下网站,了解该项目的美观、便利、可达性与周到。 该别墅使用了用于摧毁微生物和病毒的特殊措施和材料。 我们的设计和技术使用能够杀死病原体的杀菌材料,该材料已通过美国国家环境保护局(EPA)、南卡罗莱纳州医科大学(MUSC)和其他机构测试。参见以下链接:


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