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VILLA 1270, 6 bedrooms

VILLA 1270, 6 bedrooms

VILLA 1270, 6 bedrooms

Event & Recreation Villa - 1270 m² indoor and outdoor living space with 5 bedrooms + 1 staff dormitory and an infinity pool


PLOT AREA – 840 sq.m.


TOTAL AREA - 1270 m²

  • 4x King Suite with Ocean View

  • Naturally Cooling Villa

  • 103 m² swimming pool with Jacuzzi and kids pool

  • Dining up to 14 people 

  • 2 parking lots 

  • 14-seater digital cinema equipment 

  • Children's play-classroom with bedroom

  • Sea view lounge area with billiard and bar

  • Sala and barbecue area

  • Gym

  • SPA

  • The whole building is equipped with appliances and smart home system.





Villa 1270 share the same dramatic views and continue the seamless relationship between architecture and nature with aesthetic curves and balanced lines.

Villa combine the natural beauty of the landscape with a stylish, contemporary architectural design. At the heart of each is the spacious living and entertaining area which can be opened up entirely to the outdoor terrace, garden and private infinity pool.
Shaded and open to sea breezes, dramatic panoramic views make this the perfect place to relax. Indoors, a contemporary island kitchen with stunning views over the dining area, terrace and pool provides a special place for entertaining.

Interior Design integrated in Architectural and Landscape designs, highly aesthetic special designed light integrated in ceiling and walls provide special atmosphere that can be adopted to any mood, weather or day/night time controlled by smartphone.

White Fibre-Cement walls is perfect harmony between shape and space, aesthetically curved and balanced lines - naturally harmonized with environment. Wood and glass make home interior design feel warm and bright. Light interior decorating color palette and round shapes create soft and pleasant architectural interiors and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a relaxation and rejuvenation.




In Villa 1270 design we approach that focuses on heat gain control and heat dissipation in a building in order to improve the indoor thermal comfort with low energy consumption. Our Design leading to use much less Air Conditioners inside and provide healthy lifestyle.

This approach works either by preventing heat from entering the interior (heat gain prevention) or by removing heat from the building (natural cooling).

Natural cooling utilizes on-site energy, available from the natural environment, combined with the architectural design of building components (building envelope and shape).

Natural cooling in design of Villa 1270, depends not only on the architectural design of the building but on how the site's natural resources are used as cool sinks (i.e. everything that absorbs or dissipates heat). On-site heat sinks are the upper atmosphere (night sky), the outdoor air (wind), sea breeze, major wind directions, and the earth/soil.

The Shape of the building provides extra flow for cooler air from the west and catch fresh sea breeze

As well as west side provide hot air rise and at the same time pool's water is cooling atmosphere near pool

  • Location

    Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Status:

    under construction

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