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Jasmine | Apartments Building | Koh Samui, Thailand

Jasmine | Apartments Building | Koh Samui, Thailand

Jasmine Building:

Located on tropical paradise landscape of Anamaya hills, the scheme becomes a “green village” with residential units “flowing” from the paradise garden to the sea. Peaking above the green waves of the landscaped garden, a flotilla of white elegant façaded, open glass walls and curve-roof structures create a dynamic green neighborhood, with environmental compliment to iconic hillsides of Samui island.


Architect: Mikhail Povstaniuk


The 173 apartments  “hillside village” offers a variety of different housing luxury typologies: studios,  condominiums, townhouses, and penthouses. This healthy mixture results in a high sense of community, and a feeling of individuality and exclusiveness in this luxury development.

They are playfully arranged in order of decreasing height toward the  west and blend subtly into the hillside undulating topography, which is off-limits to traffic. A public thoroughfare provides residents with direct access to the park landscape and local recreational facilities. The tree- or four-story high houses were designed as standalone structures to take full advantage of the park’s qualities and positioned in such a way that preserved the existing trees and created optimum lines of sight to the Seam Gulf and the garden oasis.

The materials, colors, and feel of the surrounding landscape are reflected in the Precrafted facade with its elegant-curves, pre-fabricated fibrecement and wooden paneling in various earthy brown and white tones. A combined air-con and water heat station will be installed in the semi-ground part of building. Jasmine connected to the local electric grid, it is intended to generate electricity 45 kw per hour and it's enough to become off-grid building. In addition building design to prevent overheating by shape, deep balconies provide shading for the south side as well as open facades from the north provide two-sided natural ventilation for each apartments. 


Through “Greenhouse,” A-MDM seeks to offer a rebuttal to the stereotypical cubic-box living environments of tropical living across the world. An intrinsic connection with nature, with a tranquil, shared courtyard, and private outdoor space for each unit, create a calm paradise living just meters away from the Samui beach. The result is a physical manifestation of the idea that architecture can connect with both the built and natural environment, to offer a more full, harmonious living experience.

  • Location of the Apartments

    Plai Laem, Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Design Phase:

    construction documentation

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