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Sea view HOUSE D450 "Royal Gardens"

Sea view HOUSE D450 "Royal Gardens"


Gated Development "Royal Gardens" is a luxury complex that include 62 villas and 8 apartment building with 80 apartments.


Villa area - 450 m²
Plot area - 800 m²


"Royal Gardens" is situated in one of the most picturesque city districts – the French Boulevard.


The "Royal Gardens" has full service infrastructure and facilities - a three-storey club restaurant of premium class with a banquet hall, a children's entertainment complex, a fitness club, two swimming pools, a SPA, a sports complex, operation service, security, a dentist, doctor on duty, pharmacy, supermarket.


"Royal Gardens"  Villas complex located in one of the most picturesque city districts – the French Boulevard, Odessa in ecologically-friendly city district encircled in lush gardens just in a 10 minutes’ walk from the sea shore. Calmness and safety here are guarded by private twenty-four-hour security service. Only high-quality building materials and advanced technologies were used during the construction of the houses. Quietness and good ecological setting give you the possibility to experience incredible combination of a Villa and House within city boundaries. 


All houses constructed in sustainable environmental design with thermal efficient bricks, wooden windows, natural roof tile.

Buildings Structure can withstand up to 8 degree earthquake

  • Location

    Odessa, French Boulevard

  • Facts & Figures

    Status: Constructed in 2011



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