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Chili's in Shanghai | Branding and Interior Design



Chili's interior design description

Space planning principles

  • simple, logical layout. It is desirable to have more than one entrance for visitors. The organization of planning is from the center to the outside. The Center is a place of concentration, passages, and easy communication; the perimeter is a cozy and calm space.

Cozy and non-binding environment

  • the casual restaurant should be stylish enough, functional, and capacious. At the same time, it should have a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Welcoming large bar area

  • the bar can become the basis of the interior and the main accent. Behind the bar, the customer can have a snack and chat. Combined classic bar and high tables area together with bar stools. It can be also supported by single-standing high coffee tables for fast food/drinks. High tables go deep into the hall from the bar zone - the optimal places for the groups of  4-8 persons in the bar.

Dining area

  • The spacious area includes upholstered furniture, tables for groups of 2-6 people, independent bar tables for fast food.

Coffee/beverages area

  • Can have a dedicated bar area with drinks. It a good possibility to do it inside and on the terraces area. Is allocated with cozy armchairs and small round tables.​


  • isolated street areas. Open areas covered with awnings and barred with large pots with greens. The terraces are filled with smaller pieces of furniture.

Key Design principles

  • a warm and cozy atmosphere based on the South-West American style, on the other hand, restaurant design should be upgraded for better acceptance of Chinese customers.

Chili’s in Shanghai

  • International looking casual dining restaurant with a fun and energetic atmosphere where family and friends can gather over a delicious meal.

Chili's Floor Plan

Chili's in Shanghai, floor plan



Chili’s operates its buildings very similar to other casual dining layouts. This makes the building easily adaptable to tenants. The great visibility from major roadways will be a great draw for any tenant.


Having operated their restaurants for over 40 years, Chili’s has created a fun and energetic atmosphere where family and friends can gather over a delicious meal. Chili’s team is dedicated to delivering fresh, high-quality food with a unique point of view, as well as dining experiences that make people feel special.

Chili's facade and outside area

  The basic concept of the restaurant is to create a bright and memorable modern international-looking space with the preservation of the original Chili’s atmosphere. The background for the restaurant is a cozy and comfortable contemporary design that consists of all international design trends. Also, it demonstrates American origin in each detail.

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