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RESTAURANT  'Chervony Lobster' 

capacity 180 seats, total area 400m², Odesa, Ukraine


     "Chervony Lobster" is located in a picturesque sight of the historic center of Odessa, near the sea: everything here has to ensure that the guests of the restaurant feel so comfortable, like at home.

       But not only the surrounding landscapes contribute to a good mood, but also the building of the restaurant. It was designed specifically for the "Chervony Lobster"

Restaurant Red Lobster. Interior

Restaurant Inteior design
Restaurant Inteior design

Architectural Design

Restaurant Red Lobster. Architectural Design

VIP Room & Outside Light Design

Vip room design. Old Ship style
Vip room design
Outside Light Design

Technical Information

  • FLOOR:

    • Marble Tiles, Wood

  • WALLS:

    • Paint, a stucco molding, veneer, tiles, glass


    • Wood, metal, artificial leather, polishing

  • LIGHT:

    • Exclusive design Light, custom made lamp, built-in light

  • DOORS:

    • Exlusive Design woden doors, handles – polished metal, automatic close

  • BRAND NAME:    Archproject-MDM


  • MODEL NAME:  Restaurant 'Red Lobster'



    • Odesa, Ukraine.



    • Regular Construction



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