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TESORI, in Chongqing, brand shop

     This boutique brand is designed for Tesori.  Only high-quality materials are used. Each product has its place in the stands. The boutique is divided into a cigar area, a whiskey area and an art objects area.


  • Area – 55 sq.m.


    Eco materials and details – natural wood floor, specially designed furniture, glass, screens, built-in LED light.


Pre-Craft Production



While developing wall panels and furniture, great attention was paid to their lightness and mobility.





Interior details are an important aspect when considering design.  For example, working places covered with natural veneer primed in a way that increases wear resistance and retains the tactile feeling of natural wood.




Thanks to modern technology and precise manufacturing production, design optimization and precision engineering reduce our material wastage by up to 60% compared to traditional construction methods. Precision factory equipment allows using every centimeter of the material.




Our product is the result of team collaboration from experienced designers, skilled craftsmen, and innovative manufacturers.


The interiors are produced on precision equipment according to climatic and environmental standards of production.





Manufacturing and installation are based on a simple construction principle. Our products are quickly manufactured, easy to ship, and easy to install.

It's possible to reassemble and move your office if your company decides to change location.

Elements and Details of the Pre-Craft Production, Factories quality.  Built-in Light

Luxury Brand Shop, Boutique shop in Chongqing

Smoking room Design and Prefabrication


* All listed performance figures are approximate values. They depend on shop-specific details such as the shop type, materials, furniture, smart technologies, earthquake degree, special natural conditions, equipment of the specific villa. Figures about performance increases and/or performance kits are to be understood as average values. Test-dependent divergences of +/- 5% are possible. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


These values were determined using the prescribed measurement procedure (directive 20/152/MM in its currently valid version). The details are not based on a single shop and do not form a component of the offer, but serve only for purposes of comparison between different shop types.


**All prices are quoted ex-works.

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