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Lobster & Liberty - Restaurant & Lounge. Shanghai, China

180 seats, 500 m²

Restaurant Logo Design

Logo Description:



         Double L - Art Deco stylish Logo with straight lines.


Zigzag on the top of the letters, vertical lines, and wing style basement organize stylish, luxury, and liberty images.


Easy, clean lines provide a stylish and understandable Logo.



         - easy to remember in its aesthetic proportions and lines

Welcome to our new Restaurant Lobster & Liberty!


   Located in Bund area, Shanghai. The restaurant has a corner orientation, with the main entrance from Beijing road. The second entrance from Huqiu Road is used for maintenance, staff, kitchen, etc.


     It's an American-style restaurant and bar with Chinese decorative patterns. Style - old-world art deco, imperial, and metropolitan New York. The atmosphere is people wear casual cloth, (or dress casually after work, for example, loose tie, or roll up the bottom of pants), behave liberally,  freestyle jazz music in a luxury, formal well designed upscale place (used to be), feels like bad boys and girls rule their parent's place (again the concept of liberty).  We even have an old school piano there, people can play, and we also don’t mid people put their beer or lobster on it and use it as a bar table.


    Our lobster restaurant is not a formal dining place, well it looks like a formal dining/lounge bar, or conference room, or just like your boss’s large executive office, but now we take it over, eat, drink and yell (even scream) as whatever the way we like. This is a place with no difference between hierarchy, sexuality, race, religion, and culture.


Restaurant waiting area
Trrasse design

Design Description & Indicators

The restaurant has a corner orientation, with the main entrance from Beijing road. The second entrance from Huqiu Road is used for maintenance, staff, kitchen, etc.


The floor level of the restaurant is a lover from the street on 1.2 meters. Space has three height levels; from the floor to the beams from 2,3  - 2,5 m and to the ceiling is 2,9 m.


General Design Style is ART DECO, it influenced all Restaurant designs, functionality, decoration, accessories, light, etc.



Restaurant composition has two main axes:

The first axis connects the entrance and open kitchen

The second axis connects music and bar areas.

Also, the restaurant has two wings – A lounge area and the Business area.



(1) Entrance and Facades

The exterior is carefully designed in the Heritage environment, has black marquises with elegant styled name and logo,   Entrance door, and windows designed in the original building style. Two small statues on pedestals framed entrance, accurate street menu board inviting people to come in.


(2) Terrace

According to our design – Front windows on Beijing road become open windows that let the street come into the inner space and organize more welcoming entrances. Due to this decision, the Restaurant has a small terrace and additional entrance from the Terrace to the Bar area.

(3) Breakfast area

Breakfast is designed for the people who want to east fast and go. Also, this area has a waiting sofa with coffee tables.


(4) Bar area

One of the most important and attractive areas. Art Deco decoration, straight lines, elegant proportions provide a feeling of taste and luxury.

From one sidebar is visible from the street and another it is one of the most influential elements in the Interior.


(5) Lounge

Stylish Art Deco zone for relaxation and long-time visitors. Cozy and Luxury atmosphere of 1920-30th with zoning light and sound. Decorated with leather sofa, couch, chandeliers, wooden walls paneling, curtains, and paintings.


(6) Central area

Inspired by “The Great Gatsby” movie party atmosphere of freedom, happiness, parties, This area includes band and wedding areas designed in light colors with sparkling spotlights takes on a carnival atmosphere.


(7) Open Kitchen

Is a part of entertainment where any visitor can watch the cooking process with grill and fire. Stylish dressed Chief and cookers, big restaurant name and logo with bright deco background provide filling of trust and quality of the food.


(8) Business area

The luxury atmosphere and universal design give wide possibilities from small meetings to corporative celebrations


(9) VIP room

Special room for private events with an extremely Luxury and stylish atmosphere.

Pre-Craft Production



While developing wall panels and furniture, great attention was paid to their lightness and mobility.





Interior details are an important aspect when considering design.  For example, working places covered with natural veneer primed in a way that increases wear-resistance and retains the tactile feeling of natural wood.




Thanks to modern technology and precise manufacturing production, design optimization and precision engineering reduce our material wastage by up to 60% compared to traditional construction methods. Precision factory equipment allows using every centimeter of the material.




Our product is the result of team collaboration from experienced designers, skilled craftsmen, and innovative manufacturers.


The interiors are produced on precision equipment according to climatic and environmental standards of production.





Manufacturing and installation are based on a simple construction principle. Our products are quickly manufactured, easy to ship, and easy to install.

It's possible to reassemble and move your office if your company decides to change location.

Technical Information

  • FLOOR:

    • Tiles

  • WALLS:

    • Wooden veneer, tiles, glass


    • Wooden veneer, metal, artificial leather, polishing

  • LIGHT:

    • LED, spot lights, custom made lamp, built-in-furniture light

  • DOORS:

    • glass doors, handles – polished metal, automatic close


    • cable wiring built-in furniture, floor and walls



  • MODEL NAME:    Restaurant AD 500



    • Shanghai, China.



    • "TURN-KEY".



    • Preparation and Installation



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