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Environmental Villas:

Villas ICON 1250 and ICON 1850 designed to take full advantage of the exceptional settling sharing out dramatic sea view with contemporary luxury and organic style with an approach to tropical paradise living.

The houses use special measures and materials to destroy harmful microorganisms and viruses.

Our design and technology use Antimicrobial materials that kill pathogens and have been tested by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), and others. 

The uniqueness of the building is expressed in a special form, which catches the flow of the winds all year round, naturally cooling at night, the building collects and accumulates coolness, which then cools the interior space through natural ventilation during the day. Thus, the house is constantly ventilated with fresh, sea air, which significantly improves a healthy environment.


Architect: Mikhail Povstaniuk



Nestled within its tranquil, natural surroundings, Anamaya is only minutes from the island’s most famous beaches, tourist attractions, and restaurants.  Take a  stroll along beautiful  Choeng  Mon and Samrong Bay beaches, visit the golden statue of Big Buddha, dine in the charming restaurants of  Fisherman's  Village, and enjoy the nightlife of Chaweng.

A 20-minute drive from Koh Samui International Airport sees you at Cheong Mon Beach just below the Anamaya development.

As you wind your way up the hillside you find yourself at the site of the latest development by the team behind the award-winning Samui development. Thought up by lead designer Misha Povstaniuk of architects A-MDM, he sought out to create a contemporary tropical living style. The villas show a glimpse of how to push the boundaries of design, style, and functionality in this segment of the market, as they rest on a peak overlooking the clear blue seas below.




The main feature of ICON Villas is an exclusive and luxurious experience of events and recreation in environmental pristine nature.


Villa ICON 1850, 6+1 bedrooms are intended for events and recreation. Generous ceilings give a sense of space and maximize the views while the interiors flow seamlessly to the terraces and infinity pool.


Villa designed for events with up to 200 people


Villa ICON 1250, 5+1 bedrooms, share the same dramatic views, continuing the seamless relationship between architecture and nature with aesthetic curves and balanced lines. 


The architecture of Villas ICON 1250 and Villa ICON 1850 represents a solid solution with the environmental design, architecture, landscaping, interior design, and production round up to a holistic Pre-Crafted Product.


A-MDM creates a unique and strong environmental design for ICON Samui in order to ensure the visual differences that stand out among other development areas in the region.


The unique character of the ICON Villas is based on a spiritual connection with the environment and the inner harmony of the human being. It plays the inaudible music of a calm river and freedom of space, creating an atmosphere of calmness leading the mind and heart into serenity.


Smart technologies are built into each villa allowing energy-efficient control over all aspects of energy and water treatment, ventilation, and cooling.


ICON 1850 Villa is a high-end villa located on the peak of a hill and has a three-way sea view orientation to the west, north and east. From the west and north offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand, from the east partial sea view with overlooks on green island landscapes and mountains.


ICON 1850 Villa has three entrances, the first main "ceremonial" entrance for owners and guests from the south, the second - entrance for maintenance and staff from the south, and third – cars and minibus exit from the east.

Roads and Villas are situated on the complicated landscape, therefore, some places need to be flattened to create a safe incline. The main road has 5.5 meters total and a spacious entrance yard.


Special attention is paid to the landscape, ICON 1850 Villa has a landscaped park, sand private beach, tropical plants, an orange garden, an atrium with a waterfall and pond, a lot of shading and well as green islands in fences. 

The central element of the landscape and building design - is the lounge area above the atrium (hamak). The key aspect of ICON 1850 landscaping is 80% of the green ratio.


ICON 1250 Villa is a high-end villa located on the west side of the hill and has a one-way orientation to the west. From the west offers a beautiful 180 degrees view of the Gulf of Thailand.


ICON 1250 Villa has three entrances, the first entrance for owners and guests from the south, the second - entrance for maintenance and staff from the south, and the third entrance to the green yard from the east.


The layout of the Master Plan is designed to open sea-view, and at the same time provides high privacy. The pool has 180 degrees sea view, and the roof skate of the next villa is located at least 4 meters below. All rooms are orientated to the seaside. The shape of the building is designed to catch fresh and chill sea breeze.

VILLA ICON  1850, 6+1 bedrooms, 1 890m²

Event & Recreation Villa - 1850 m² indoor and outdoor living space with 6 bedrooms + 1 staff dormitory and an infinity pool


PLOT AREA – 1351.6 sq.m.


TOTAL AREA - 1889.1 m²

  • 6 x King Suite with Ocean View

  • Naturally Cooling Villa

  • 52 m² Lake with 6.5 m Waterfall

  • Atrium with Hammock

  • 140 m² swimming pool with Atoll and Kids play area 0.2m – 2.2m deep

  • Up to 6.3 m height living-dining area with huge double doors

  • Elevator

  • Sala and barbeque area

  • Event space up to 200 people

  • Up to 10 car parking with round movement road

  • 8/10 seater cinema

  • 2 Kitchens with technical elevator

  • Squash Court - full size

  • Waterfall view Lounge –Bar, Billiard, GYM, Yoga-Fitness areas

  • Sea view Gazebo, Greenery, Vertical Garden, and Landscaping

  • 1x Staff room up to 4 people with dining area

  • Saferoom

  • Security post

  • Separate staff entrance

  • Rubbish dock – 2 sq.m.

  • The whole building is equipped with appliances and a smart home system.

ICON 1850, 360 Panorama


ICON 1850, Interiors

VILLA ICON  1250, 5+1 bedrooms, 1 250m²

1260 m² indoor and outdoor living space with 5 bedrooms + 1 staff dormitory and an infinity pool


PLOT AREA – 1276.1 sq.m.


TOTAL AREA - 1260.2 m²

  • 4 x King Suite with Ocean View

  • 1 Kids  Bedroom with Playroom, Closet, and WC

  • Naturally Cooling Villa

  • 103 m² swimming pool with Jacuzzi and Kids play area 0.4m – 2.2m deep

  • 5.8 m height living room

  • Sala and barbeque area

  • Dining up to 10 people

  • 2 car parking and 2 motorbike parking  lots

  • 10-seater digital cinema

  • Sea view chill-out lounge

  • Billiard and bar

  • Safe room

  • Gym

  • Staff hostel

  • Separate staff entrance

  • Rubbish dock

  • The whole building is equipped with appliances and smart home system.


Technical Information

Design by A-MDM:

          Shanghai, China.



          Exlusive Villa


Type of Construction:

          Hybrid Prefabrication


Structure Grade:

          Q235(GB 700) Q345(GB 1591)





Climate condition:


Brand Name:    A-MDM




          AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS


Roof & wall:

          EPS Sandwich, PU Sandwich, Rookwool


Model Number:    ICON 1850 & 1250


Main structure:

          Steel, H-beam steel, type C profile



          6 degree


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