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2020 ITALY IIDA winning works | VILLA ICON 1850. Innovation Award

2020 Italy IIDA AWARD International Design Award

Initiated by CIID88 China International Interior Design Network, Cooperate with CEIDA China Europe International Design Association, Milan Chinese Cultural Center, Italy, Palermo Academy of Fine Arts, Italy, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, School of Fashion and Design, Milan, Italy Jointly organized by the design industry organizations of China and Italy, Aims to provide a broader platform for exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Italian designers,

Realize the vision of exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the cultural and creative industries, cooperation and win-win!

A total of nearly 1,000 designers and design agencies from Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, China and other countries signed up for the IIDA AWARD this year. Nearly 1,000 sets of design works have been declared for participation, and 138 sets of winning works were finally shortlisted, including Hotel clubs, dining spaces, cultural offices, leisure and entertainment, commercial display, real estate sales, model houses, villas, luxury homes, soft decoration displays, homestays, architectural design, landscape garden design, furniture design, lighting design, home accessories design Wait Professional awards in more than a dozen categories.

Congratulations to Mikhail Povstaniuk, who won the Villa Luxury Space-International Innovative Design Award in this Italian IIDA International Design Award!


During the course of world events, a wonderful project was developed # Environmental Villas # which have already received awards for their uniqueness and exclusivity.

These Villas live as a single organism, the creator in the person of Mikhail Povstaniuk, endowed them with their hearts, lungs . Immune system what allows Villas to protect and create a wonderful atmosphere inside this development. We do not take the uniqueness of architectural forms and the use of Eco-materials which is also very important and these villas have. We are talking about a global situation and a pandemic. Mikhail found the main solution, and created the Villas as a single organism with all protective systems using the natural environment.

The houses use special measures and materials to destroy microorganisms and viruses. The first award of this unique development will take place in Italy, we will announce you the award dates later. You can learn about beauty, convenience, accessibility and thoughtfulness by visiting the site.



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