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Factory Production. Prefabricated

Factory Production. Prefabricated



Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Installation and Assembling

Installation and Assembling

Turn Key Interior

Turn Key Interior


   Each of our prefabricated interiors is a product of unique individual designs with extremely quality materials actualized through a high level of professionalism.

   Behind each project is a process of innovation and integration to achieve creative goals and customer's needs as well as social, ecological, sustainable existence.

This satisfaction is achieved with feelings of space harmony between useful function, creative idea, an inner feeling of visitors.

  A – MDM company has valued modern trends, high quality, and individual approach to its clients in the field of architecture and design for more than 20 years.

     Experience and a deep interest in everything new have led our team to open a new international office in Shanghai in 2011. This office specializes in contemporary ideas and technologies.

     And now we have the opportunity to present a unique evolutionary product – as the result of innovative technologies, creative thinking, and high professionalism.

   TURN-KEY interiors are quite famous. We offer a new interpretation known as 'Interior-set'.  When an entire space needs repairing – walls, ceilings, flooring, and even furniture – we supply the pieces to make it completed.  Our coordinated process gives a unique and high-quality contractor set and because we control every step from concept to completion the excellent result is guaranteed.  All interior sets produced in the factory– whether they are built-in energy, lightning, or smart technology systems– are overseen at every project part:  from factory production, shipping, and finally installation by us.

on-site construction period - 2 weeks
off-site production - 4 weeks

Why we?

1. Quality: All interior elements (walls, ceilings, furniture, and light) produced in the factory in special conditions by high-quality workers.


2. Save Time: Preparation work and prefabrication move simultaneously to get you from concept to completion in half the time.


3. Technology: A-MDM Manufactured Interior is produced in factory conditions. Some types of varnish-painting works can be done only in special factory conditions.

4. Ecology: All materials and technology match international standards. Noxious Odors, dust, noise, dirt are missing during the installation process.


5. Sustainability: A-MDM Manufactured Interior can be reassembled, moved, and adopted in any other space, or just sold like simple furniture. This corresponds with the growing popularity of the sustainable development concept.


6. Shipping: The advantage is that this serial product can be shipped to any other part of the world.



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