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Recreational Complex

16 store Sea Front Apartment House.


  • The complex, includes the projected hotel with apartment-type suites. Total area is 3.5 hectares. The site is located in the coastal zone. Kryzhanovka, stretches along the coastline, has a width in the western part of about 30 meters, increasing in the eastern part to 100 meters.
  • The site is characterized by complex topography. Differences of elevation from the water to top edge is about 30 m. In the eastern part of the site developed landslide processes and mudslides - talus, slopes and abrasion.
  • The comparison of different variants and calculation was taken as a basis, version of the three-tier terracing of the slope (three berms) by creating a high quality of the earth embankment from soils that make up the slope in the area of construction with stone strengthening in the beach area
  • Construction project taking into account the project design of coastal slopes, geological protection and counter-work, the trace of a new road entrances to individual objects of the complex, the project of reclamation area, the construction of berthing facilities laid down in the earlier stages of design.
  • After completing work on the construction of buildings and structures, installation of engineering communications, area landscaped, planted trees and gardens.

Front Seaview Residence

  • Location: Odessa, Krizanovka.

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