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Arabic Cultural Center

Arabic Cultural Center

Original building of new Arabian Cultural Center in Odessa has the potential to  become an architecture monument. The large building in Moorish style was built in 2001 on the expense of the Arab businessman Adnan Kivan. An architect Dmitry Povstanjuk having studied principles of east architecture, has created exclusive interiors and an exterior of a new building."The mosque stands out among urban buildings and is a real East Pearl of Odessa. At the entrance to the prayer hall, men and women need to take off their shoes, and women should wear long robes with hoods . In the prayer hall delicate ligature on the railing of the stairs and architectural elements make the interior of the mosque elegant and airy. Apart from a few small shelves for books on the walls, there is no more furniture in the hall . The floor is covered with soft carpet pattern of which divides the it into equal squares, which are conditional delimitation of seats for the worshipers. Under the ceiling is the the main decoration - a large crystal chandelier with hundreds of glowing lights. Arab Cultural Center in Odessa is open for excursions to familiarize visitors with the Arab culture. School of Arab language and library are available.


  • Location

    corner of B.Arnautskaja Street and Reshilevskaja Street, Odessa

  • Appointment & Completion


    The Center opened it doors for all inhabitants and guests of the city on June 12, 2001.

  • Website 

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