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The object is located on the coastal slopes at the beginning of the French Boulevard and consists of 2 towers, united by a stylobate, which houses a health complex, a SPA center, a restaurant, and ancillary facilities. In general, this is a universal complex, which, according to its functional purpose, can be both a health center and an apartment hotel.


The project focuses on the location of the site, due to the relief of the coastal area - the buildings are designed in such a way that all the rooms have a view of the sea. The trapezoid shape in the plan allowed the design of ordinary open balconies, from which the sea landscape will be seen even from the distant, rear apartments.


One of the main tasks of the project was the creation of special entrances to the complex, which allow it to work independently of the existing surrounding infrastructure, architecturally complementing it.

The composition of the complex is dynamic, consists of two buildings, with a smooth cascade flooring from 6 to 15 floors in the center. Dynamics is emphasized by a stylobate in the form of a dolphin jumping into the sea. The visual image of the complex is designed in the style of plastic modern architecture, which is associated with the immediate proximity of the object to the sea.

“ARCADIA” Apartment Hotel

  • French Boulevard, 91 in Odessa (Arcadia, 9)

  • Concept Design

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