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"Black Sea Bugaz" 5* Hotel

"Black Sea Bugaz" 5* Hotel

The resort Black Sea Carolino Bugaz


The complex is one of the largest hotels in the Odessa region. It was built in 2008. by international standards "5 stars". The hotel is located on the Black Sea coast in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Odessa region (40km from Odessa).
One of the most important features of the complex is its location: in the resort part, in close proximity to the sea 50м, has its own sandy beach. The unique location of the hotel allows you to feel far from the city bustle, while remaining a few dozen kilometers from the business centers of Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Belgorod - Dnestrovsky.


Concept and Idea:

The object, on the one hand, is inscribed in the surrounding coastal landscape, and on the other hand, it is private. Important in the architectural concept of the project is the desire to maximize the visitors of the hotel view to the sea. Therefore, the facade from the sea side is designed rounded, and remind in shape a large flying seagull with open wings. Thanks to this architectural reception, visitors can watch the splendor of dawn from any room of the Black Sea Carolino Bugaz Resort.



In the architectural solutions there is an imitation of the ship, the elements of the external appearance of the cruise liner are guessed, the floors resemble the decks. On the side facade, you can see an element resembling a ship's pipe. All this illustrates the main idea embedded in the architectural image of the object - the hotel is far from the city, from entertainment and other areas of activity, so it must work independently and include everything in itself - recreation and entertainment. This is such a complex as a large passenger liner - vacationers enter and can get everything they need on board.


The "Black Sea Bugaz" complex is a modern hotel, which is an excellent place for recreation and leisure, combining a hotel with stylish rooms equipped according to the latest requirements of international hotel standards, a conference room, a meeting room, a business center, restaurants, a bar, 2 swimming pools, bowling, gym, SPA-zone with massage cabins, solarium, there is underground parking. 144 comfortable rooms of various categories are offered to the guests. On the roof of the hotel there is a cozy terrace.


The hotel and entertainment complex "Black Sea Carolino-Bugaz" is the first beach hotel of such a high level in Zatoka and Karolino-Bugaz.

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    67800, Odessa region, resort Gribovka “Gold Bugaz” 17

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