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The temple must unite all the directions of Buddhism, be a place of Buddhist philosophy and morality.
The temple will be the center of socio-cultural, research and publishing activities of Buddhists, the center for disseminating knowledge of the history and modernity of Buddhism, understanding its role in a multipolar world.
The temple will also be a secular center, where one could obtain knowledge on the teachings of the Buddha.


The First Temple
The temple of Maharaja is the heavenly lord (ie the temple as a gate part) and the Bell and Drum Tower (the central tower according to Buddhist concepts).
Architectural and planning solutions
    From the street there are:
1. the point of registration of pilgrims;
2. Shop for the sale of ceremonial utensils and equipment;
3. Vegetarian restaurant.
The Second Temple
The main temple is the Temple "YuanTun" (ie Temple of Buddha). The total building area is 10 mu (6666.67 m2).
The concept of the main building reflects the concept of the whole project. It is the connection between man and nature, internal and external.

The Third Temple:
Temple-library (temple of the abbot, temple for occupation).
Auxiliary buildings and structures:
Haikha Nursing Home:
On the right side of the main temple, the "Buddha Amitabah" (ie, the Haikha Nursing Home) is being designed.
When designing a building for nursing homes, the basic principles are: comfort and practicality.
The style of designing a temple and a nursing home should combine together, is, has a master plan in planning, individually and characteristically design an exemplary ensemble of construction.
The nursing home is designed for 300 people.
Each room is planned to accommodate 2-3 people.
The rooms are equipped with a small kitchen and a bathroom.
There is also a general dining room, a large kitchen, a gym, a large hall for meetings, a medical center and a room for Buddha's reverence (a hall for meditation).
The project also provides for parking near the building.
Hall of the next life
The building "Hall of the Next Life" is projected in the upper left corner of the general plan. Room for temporary storage of the body of the deceased and performing rites.
The project provides for the construction of the following buildings and structures located along the central axis to the left of the main temple (the second temple):
1. A hostel for nuns;
2. A hostel for hermits;
3. Room "WuGuan" (dining room for nuns).
4. Large kitchen.
5. A small reserved pond (where tourists and believers admit fish and turtles).

Temple "YuanTun" and Monastery with School

  • China

  • Total building area: 20993 sq.м

    Status: Concept Design

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