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BUSINESS PARK | Architectural Design & City planning

BUSINESS PARK | Architectural Design & City planning

Just in a few steps from famous central market “Privoz” and the shopping complex “New Privoz”, built in 2007 new 26 floor multi-residential complex has been developed in Odessa. The complex has united four blocks in one element, and has kept convenient entrances to the buildings.

Sheltered surface, 140 m long, is a main social place combining all functions of a new complex with the already existing one.

A new housing-trading complex “Mussel” will be opened with transparent floors, which will help to wash away borders between building and the city. The top part of the tower is offered to the public where the cafes and viewing points will be situated.

Existing of such a building, remarkable of its size and functions, allows to reorganize the space, which isn’t functionally used nowadays and to give a new meaning to the city.


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    Status: Concept Design

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