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Lucheng Baotou City Plaza, Inner Mongolia, China

Design Description:

Super five-star luxury hotel-style management of private high-level apartment-style, official residence B, high-style hotel management apartment house C apartment layout, D apartment layout, high-level commercial podium and community clubs. 



Block B apartment layout: the design of two kinds of building exterior design requirements of the classic European Style; Height of storey is 4.6 Meters to 4.8 meters (a total of 12 floors 7)


规划总用地面积约 Total Area  -  56 369  万sq.m.

Lucheng Baotou City Plaza, Inner Mongolia, China

  • Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China

    40.63631011775597, 109.84933754117924

  • Status: Under Construction

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