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Education played a central role in enabling the country to meet the challenges presented by the need to quickly absorb Western ideas, science, and technology and it was also a key factor in Chinees recovery and rapid economic growth in last 20 years

however, Chinees society is facing many challenges as a result of changing cultural norms, advances in science and technology, economic globalization, and business environment. Nurturing young people who can meet these challenges is a critical task for Chineese education. The direction to be taken in this endeavor is the subject of much debate.


By A-MDM Philosophy - we propose a way of integration of traditional and modern principles of life. Where magor target dedicated to young generation and how to be to  Natural and Innovated, to know how to be meditative to be a part of society.

All this principles we expressed in Modern School Design with Buddha Temple


Modern School and a Buddhist Temple

  • China

  • Total building area: 18883 sq.м

    Status: Concept Design

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