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Mozart Hotel. After Reconstruction

"Mozart" Hotel | Reconstruction | Odessa

Two ancient 3F houses have settled down in the Teatralnaya Square symmetrically to the opera theater and has different history but according to M.G. and M.M. Povstanyuks' projects it is said about their mutual decorative ideas and giving of complete image to the Teatralnaya Square. The building in 13 Lanzheronovskaya Street, was reconstructed under "Mozart" hotel.


Hotel “MozarT”                                                                40 rooms;
Total gross  area befor reconstraction            2.100 square meters;
Total gross  area after  reconstraction            3.800 square meters;

  • Location

    13 Lanzheronovskaya Street. Odessa


  • Appointment & Completion

    Status: completed. 1998-1999

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