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TC "Noviy Privoz" & Hotel "Black Sea", Odesa

TC "Noviy Privoz" & Hotel "Black Sea", Odesa

Shopping mall "New Privoz" is a multi use building includes: Bazaar "Privoz", Sea Food Mall, Shopping Mall, Hotel "Black Sea"


Hotel "Black Sea", which is part of the shopping center "New Privoz", is located in a favorable existing urban spot, in the area of the market "Privoz" on the street. Panteleimonovskaya in the city of Odessa. The location of the building contributes to the functioning of both retail premises and the hotel complex with underground parking.

‘Black Sea’ hotel is one of the dominant building of the famous historical part named ‘Privoz’ in Odessa . The project brings together a carefully chosen mix of offices, apartments, hotel and shops to encourage an economic and social activity throughout the day.

The architectural composition consists of a 6, 9-storeyed main building located along the axis of Kolkhozny Lane and two symmetrically located one-storeyed shopping buildings, covered with high-tech steel arches with coating. With the help of the atrium in the main building, an internal space is organized, which forms the individual color of the hotel. The quarter, on which the shopping and hotel complex is located, is adjacent to the main transport highways of the city.

  • Location

    Panteleymonovskaya 25. Odessa, Ukraine 

  • Facts & Figures

    Status: completed.

    Hotel 4*

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  • Awards

    In 2016, at the international IDG competition, the project received a bronze award for commercial design nomination.

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