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Talos Trust Business Apartment

Talos Trust Business Apartment

  • STYLE Contemporary luxury design

    FEELING of stability and wealth

    COLORING - Warm sparkling white colors for public space. Wood and Stone for special areas


    MATERIALS AND TEXTILE. 3 level of decoration materials, depends on zoning:

  • CEO and Apartments: Granit, Marble, Wood, Textile, Leather, Chandeliers.

  • Customers and managing areas. High quality and durable materials

  • Working space. High quality and durable materials

  • Integrate Tesori and ACC Products in Interior Design.

  • Located in the East & South part of the building – it has a Good View of the Huangpu River and Pinglian Residential district.

  • Used by abroad Partners and Customers

  • IMPRESSION - Strong, impressive design.

    SMART TECHNOLOGY – Light, Curtains, HVAC, Video, Acoustic

  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Status:


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