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Talos Trust Business Center

Talos Trust Business Center

  • The key to the Functionality Floor Plan lay down in the concept of influences. To show how it works we make a model of the solar system.

  • “Sun” has the biggest influence on functionality and all “planets” rotating around it.

  • “Planets” have their own size and gravity also they have moons.

  • In our interior design “Customer face” strategy work together with the well organized inner working process of the business center.

  • All function areas big enough and support each other.

  • Also, we include influences from outside, like river and city views as well as environmental influences.

  • The most attractive view relocated to the most important areas: CEO office and ACC business lounge

  • As well as the kitchen will supply food to all areas and located far in the HVAC zone. So noise and smell areas located far enough from customers' areas.

  • Corridor 002 in the Living area provide Security, Privacy, and Safety to Apartments and CEO zones


CEO Office

  • Located in the West & South part of the building – it is the Best View of Huangpu River and Pudong Center. Amassing afternoon and night view!

  • The main office will have a working deck with CEO chair and two customers chairs, a meeting area for up to 8 people with a sofa and TV screen.


  • CEO Terrace.

  • CEO Lounge.

  • Round meeting, TV room

  • GYM, Yoga

  • Massage SPA room

  • Bathroom

  • Second, Hid exit to the corridor


Satellite Office 

  • Located in the East & North part of the building – it has a Good View of the Pinglian Residential district.

  • It allocated the opposite of TALOS TRUST RECEPTION and Visible from Elevator Hall. It is a working area for Satellite Companies as well as Service Office for Partners.

  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Status:


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