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Villa Ridge2, 3 bedrooms, 170m²

  • The unique design of the villa, assembled from prefabricated steel structures, reduced the construction period to 6 months.

  • Specially designed flexible structures made of steel act as protection against seismic vibrations and can be reinstalled as well.

  • Designers arranged the four main functions of a front porch: to highlight the entrance, provide a protected transition, provide communication, and serve as a place to relax with friends and family.

  • Landscaping enclosing a front courtyard, such as walls, fencing, and plants.

  • Villas is environmentally designed and uses all sustainable principles. All Ridge2 villas are lifted above the ground that gives natural ventilation to facades and floors. All engineering machines that can be located under villas will be hidden, as well as access for maintenance.

  • On the roof of the villa can be installed photovoltaic panels, which, along with LED-lighting of the interior minimize utility costs.

  • V-shaped roof with large overhangs provides excellent protection and aeration, let the more natural cool air come in.

  • The plot is not characterized by its large size, so the designers have done everything possible to maximize the open space included in the structure of the villa. The spacious living room with glass walls offering panoramic sea views, with access to a cozy and safe patio. Patio located on the north side is almost completely occupied by a swimming pool. The pool is elevated above the floor and creates a comfortable sala and an organized safe area for children.

  • Dramatic view Master Bedroom on the first floor has a private terrace, wardrobe, and sea view bathroom.


Facade Materials, Floor

Color variations

Walls - Fiber Cement  board





Aluminium structure and glass facades. Blum mechanism

Furniture and Light. Sanitrary



Landscape and Decoration



Contemporary abstract art


Wall  Art
Contemporary Art

Advantages for the Villa Ridge2, 3 bedrooms, 170m²

  • Simplicity, reliability, and safety of the house;

  • Respectable image of the house;

  • International environmental standards;

  • Materials of high durability;

  • Seismic up to 7 degrees;

  • High reliability due to the steel structure;

  • The low financial cost of the assembly;

  • Decrease of up to five times the construction time;

  • No heavy machinery;

  • No construction waste, dirt, dust, etc.;

  • Landscaping before or during construction;

Technical Information

  • No loud construction sounds;

  • The possibility of building in any climate;

  • Instead builders brigade - only assemblers;

  • Factory’s quality of all components;

  • Façade material warranty - 20 years;

  • Competitive price;

  • No Design fee;

  • Obtain extended information;

  • Confidence in the final result;

  • Ability to modular expansion at home;

  • The ability to disassemble and assemble.

  • Design by A-MDM:

          Shanghai, China.


  • Type:

          Exclusive Villa


  • Type of Construction:

          Hybrid Prefabrication


  • Structure Grade:

          Q235(GB 700) Q345(GB 1591)


  • Certificate:



  • Climate condition:


  • Brand Name:    A-MDM



  • Standard:

          AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS


  • Roof & wall:

          EPS Sandwich, PU Sandwich, Rookwool


  • Model Number:    Ridge 2



  • Main structure:

          Steel, H-beam steel, type C profile


  • Earthquake:

          7 degree

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