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Sophi  - Prefabricated House | Luxury Seaview Bungalows

Tropical living

Located on a tropical paradise landscape on the beachfront, prefabricated modular bungalows Sophi 75 is a luxury eco lifestyle recreation living.

Fast and easy to install/disassemble, with flexible planning, a wide range of facades, the tern-key Bungalows (villas) Sophie 37, 75, 110 easily fit almost in any natural environment.

Sophi 37 - one-bedroom tiny bungalow with a kitchen, bathroom, terrace

Sophi 75- one-bedroom bungalow with an open space living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, spacy bedroom, and terrasse. The living room easily transforms into the second bedroom.


Sophi 110- two bedrooms bungalow with an open space living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, guest toilet, spacy bedrooms, and terraces  

The shape of the roof dedicated to catching sea breeze for natural ventilation and cooling. The wide roof's overhangs protect the house from the rain and heat of the sun.

Sophi villas easily integrated into the landscape either garden, forest, or beach. Sophi buildings are gentle to the soil, so after demolishing (reinstall)  ground condition is the same as before.

All types of Sophi can be easily adopted into different landscapes, like hillsides, flat land, or sandy beaches. A wide range of façade materials also helps to integrate the building into its surroundings. Sandy fibro-cement facades beautifully integrated into the beach environment.

But one of the most important for Sophi buildings - Manufacturing and Eco-installation makes it possible to build without harm to the environment, taking care of which planet we leave to our descendants.

Net-Zero technologies also integrated into Sophi Villas: harvesting of rainwater, the green roof gives more green ration and sun protection, solar paneling, and wind generators can be supplied with Sophi installation kits as well as bio sanitary equipment. Effective(natural) heat insulation materials with dual inverter air condition systems make living inside of villa healthy and comfortable.

Facts and Figures

Product Name

SOPHI 37,75,110



Pre-Craft Production

A-MDM Shanghai

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