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VILLA CAHAYA 5 , 323 m², 5 bedrooms

     As with all Cahaya villas, beautiful and long-lasting materials such as travertine and hardwoods have been chosen to complement the architecture and landscape of these five-bedroom villas.

     Care has been taken to ensure the highest level of comfort, utilizing the sustainability of lighting, shading, cooling, and ventilation.

  • Open Living area with kitchen – 87 m²

  • Gest Toilet  - 5 m²

  • Bedroom 1 – 21 m²

  • Bedroom 2 – 20 m²

  • Hall  – 27 m²

  • Master suite - 50 m²

  • Bedroom 3 - 47m²

  • Bedroom 4 - 21m²

  • Balcony – 45 m²

Pre-Crafted kit Include

  1. Metal structure  -  Material  Q345(S355JR)or  Q235(S235JR)  steel,  all bolts connection!  Straight cross-section or  Variable.  H&C-beam steel profile;

  2. Façade   -  Sandwich   panels  with   fibro cement,   ROCKWOOL;

  3. Windows - Aluminum Framed Class;

  4. Glass fence - GLASS TRIPLEX 15MM (1200H);

  5. Overlaps – EPS cement Sandwich panel;

  6. Floor  coverings  -  white marble, concrete Tile,  Laminate;

  7. Inner Walls – Fibrocement Panels, ROCKWOOL, soundproof layers!   Decoration layer   Painted,       Tiled 600x200x10, Marble 600x1200x20, Wooden and Stone Veneer;

  8. Ceilings  - White Fibrocement  Panels or  Wooden Veneer ;

  9. Indoor stairs - Steel Structure, marble, glass handrail;

  10. Lightning - LED spotlights, ambient light, chandeliers;

  11. Switches and sockets;

  12. Inner   Doors   -   MDF   painted glossy.   Color-white

  13. Kitchen – White foggy Glass on Aluminum frame, Blum;

  14. Sanitary equipment – Kohler;

  15. Furniture – Soft and hard, high quality, contemporary design.


  • Simplicity, reliability, and safety of the house;

  • Respectable image of the house;

  • International environmental standards;

  • Materials of high durability;

  • Seismic up to 7 degrees;

  • High reliability due to the steel structure;

  • The low financial cost of the assembly;

  • Decrease of up to five times the construction time;

  • No heavy machinery;

  • No construction waste, dirt, dust, etc.;

  • Landscaping before or during construction;

  • No loud construction sounds;

  • The possibility of building in any climate;

  • Instead builders brigade - only assemblers;

  • Factory’s quality of all components;

  • Façade material warranty - 20 years;

  • Competitive price;

  • No Design fee;

  • Obtain extended information;

  • Confidence in the final result;

  • Ability to modular expansion at home;

  • The ability to disassemble and assemble.

Technical Information

  • Place of Origin:

          Shanghai, China.


  • Type:

          Prefabrication Villa. Modular Home


  • Type of Construction:

          Hybrid Prefabrication


  • Structure Grade:

          Q235(GB 700) Q345(GB 1591)


  • Certificate:



  • Climate condition:

          Tropical, Moderate, Dry, Humid continental

  • Brand Name:    A-MDM



  • Standard:

          AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS


  • Roof & wall:

          EPS Sandwich, PU Sandwich, Rookwool


  • Model Number:    Villa CAHAYA 5


  • Main structure:

          Steel, H-beam steel, type C profile


  • Earthquake:

          7 degree


* All listed performance figures are approximate values. They depend on villa-specific details such as the villa type, materials, furniture, smart technologies, earthquake degree, special natural conditions, equipment of the specific villa. Figures about performance increases and/or performance kits are to be understood as average values. Test-dependent divergences of +/- 5% are possible. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


These values were determined using the prescribed measurement procedure (directive 20/152/MM in its currently valid version). The details are not based on a single villa and do not form a component of the offer, but serve only for purposes of comparison between different villa types.


**All prices are quoted ex-works.

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