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"Bolshaya Moskovskaya" 5* Hotel

"Bolshaya Moskovskaya" 5* Hotel

Project name:

Reconstruction of the Architectural Monument into a 5 star Hotel "Big Moskow" («Bolshaya Moskovskaya» Hotel).

Features and Design:

The Building Technical Expertise of the Monument shows that foundation and bearing structure in extremyly bad condition and cannot perform its tasks. During time the Architectural Monument lost 70% of architectural details from it original.

In accordance with international standards of hotels, it has to replaning to increase the area of the building and a new layout on 20%. There was also a need for compliance with government and fire regulations. The main of them is the boiler room should be above the building and seismic 8 degree.

The object of preservation of the monument of architecture are the bearing walls, which were completely framed in a metal and joined to a new supporting structure with new spesial designed  and constructed foundation. 



Hotel "Bolshaya Moskovskaya" is a 5-story building with a penthouse and has a basement. The original  construction in the plan repeats the shape of the plot, foundation is built of red brick and walls material - sendstone. The sectional corridor scheme is based on the layout composition. The center of the composition is a wide three-marbled marble staircase facing the lobby. On the eve of the 1917 revolution, the hotel had only 75 rooms, but their quality was not inferior to the quality of the rooms of other first-class hotels of the city. The building of the hotel "Bolshaya Moskovskaya", built according to the project of the famous Odessa architect L. Vlodek, is the most striking example of the modernist architectural style in the building of Odessa.The decision of the facades of the "Big Moscow" impresses with imagination, picturesqueness and plasticity. Due to the variety of shapes of window openings, large planes of storefronts of the ground floor shops, lightness and movement, so characteristic of the modern style, are created, and the change of the balcony fencing pattern emphasizes the picturesqueness of the stucco decoration. The whole wide range of decorative elements splashed on the facade is connected by one idea - the triumph of the god of Mercury trade. It was his masks with wings on his helmet and caduceums that adorned once the planes of wide pilasters at the level of the second floor, and the masks that crowned the corner pilasters of the building symbolized his beloved - Gersu. Thanks to the originality of the forms, the expressiveness of the composition, the building of the Hotel "Bolshoy Moskovskaya" became one of the most interesting architectural objects in the construction of Deribasovskaya Street.


The building is divided into 3 main functional volumes: a hotel, retail premises, premises of bars and restaurants.



The building was built in 1898-1899, architect L.L. Wlodek the sculptors TL. Fishel and SI. Milman.
The project of restoration and reconstruction is carried out under the project ArchProject-MDM. Chief architect - D.M. Povstanyuk in 2005-2009.

  • Location

    29 Deribasovskaya Street, Odessa

  • Appointment & Completion

    Reconstruction 2005-2009


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