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3 bedrooms Luxury Villa with infinity pool
3 bedrooms Luxury Villa living room

Luxury Villa E1, 3 bedrooms

Description of the Villa

total area - 586.7m². ANAMAYA Samui

   These villas share the same dramatic views and continue the seamless relationship between architecture and nature with aesthetic curves and balanced lines. 

  Luxury Villa E1 decorated beautifully and long-lasting materials such as travertine and hardwoods have been chosen to complement the architecture and landscape of these three-bedroom villas. Care has been taken to ensure the highest level of comfort, utilizing smart technologies for the control of lighting, shading, cooling, and ventilation.

  Villa E1 is suitable for the living of 6 residents and has a landscaped yard, zen garden, living area, covered parking lots for2 cars,  gym, yoga, cinema, spacious terrace, swimming pool, and 3 bedrooms with
bathroom, wardrobe, and terrace. 

  Interior Design integrated into Architectural and Landscape designs, highly aesthetic specially designed light integrated into ceiling and walls provide a special atmosphere that can be adapted to any mood, weather, or day/night time controlled by a smartphone.

  White Fibre-Cement walls are a perfect harmony between shape and space, aesthetically curved and balanced lines - naturally harmonized with the environment. Wood and glass make the home interior design feel warm and bright. The light interior decorating color palette and round shapes create soft and pleasant architectural interiors and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  To create a building by high-quality standards for the Luxury Villa E1 we use the construction method - Hybrid PreFabrication or Pre-Crafted, which is a method of construction that integrates prefabricated structure, walls, overlaps, roof, and cast-in-situ concrete on-site to make the best advantage of their different inherent qualities. 

  A-MDM Design & Production uses the latest technology to design, manage, manufacture every part of the building using years of experience, knowledge, and high-precision equipment (robots and 3d printing) as well as durable materials.

  Luxury Villa E1 has three entrances, the first entrance for owners and guests, the second - entrance for maintenance and staff.

Features & Parameters

  • 382,5 m² indoor living and entertaining space

  • 204,2 m² outdoor - pool, lounge, sala, terrace areas

  • Panoramic 180° Front view

  • 42m² master bedroom

  • 4 x 20m² twin queen suites  

  • 44m² infinity swimming pool

  • Indoor and outdoor dining for up to 8 people

  • parking for 2 cars

  • Gym

  • 8 seat digital cinema

  • 18 m² Children’s play room

  • Smart home technology throughout

  • Full service kitchen with bar

Technical Information

  • Design by A-MDM:

          Shanghai, China.


  • Type:

          Exlusive Villa


  • Type of Construction:

          Hybrid Prefabrication


  • Structure Grade:

          Q235(GB 700) Q345(GB 1591)


  • Certificate:



  • Climate condition:


  • Brand Name:    A-MDM



  • Standard:

          AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS


  • Roof & wall:

          EPS Sandwich, PU Sandwich, Rookwool


  • Model Number:    Villa  E1



  • Main structure:

          Steel, H-beam steel, type C profile


  • Earthquake:

          7 degree

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