Be Beyond. Design Icons

This year’s edition on architecture and design in the Beyond Black series is titled Design Icons.


A-MDM is an international design and manufacturing firm involved in the architecture and construction industries. The company values innovation, uncompromising quality and individual approach to its clients, providing the full gamut of services, from project management and feasibility study, to urban design & master planning, to architecture & interior design, to engineering & structural design.



The A-MDM Pre-Crafted concept is an on-factory production  of  all the component  parts of a building and its interior, as well as shipping and fast installation in any location by skilled workers.


It is not prefab/stamped technology, but rather, each building/interior is produced individually by craftsmen, with the only possible copies being done for a single development/location.


Structurally, this technology is similar to high rise steel buildings (extremely strong, light weight and with fast installation). The finishing and decoration are  similar to high-end brand shops (high-end in the sense of quality of materials, lighting and furniture).


The façade material is fiber-cement, itself highly durable, water and freeze-resistant. Shipping is in 20-40 ft containers.


An A-MDM Pre-Crafted building can be installed in any climate zone and seismic condition suitable for human habitation.


Featured Projects

The architecture of Villas A and C2 represent  a solid solution with the environmental design, architecture, landscaping, interior design and production round up to a holistic Pre-Craft Product.


The unique character of the Villas is based on a spiritual connection with the environment and the inner harmony of the human being. 


It plays the inaudible music of a calm river and freedom of space, creating an atmosphere of calmness leading the mind and heart into serenity.


Villas A

This iconic villa will inspire and astound you with its fluid lines, dynamic sculptural poise and imaginative spatial experience. Sitting atop the highest points of the Anamaya estate, it provides spectacular panoramic sea views. 

Taking the lead from the surrounding terrain, a series of terraces usher the landscape  into the heart of the building, affording an intimate interaction between garden, sea view and internal space.

Each villa features two infinity pools, offering both sunrise and sunset vistas, an ocean view gymnasium, personal digital cinema and recreation rooms. All suites have  uninterrupted ocean views and the 108m² master suite has panoramic views to the east, west and north.

Extensive dining and relaxation areas are supported by full staff facilities, two fully equipped kitchens and entertaining space for up to 120 people, making it the perfect location for large family gatherings, groups and special occasions.

Villas C2
The villas share the same dramatic views, continuing the seamless relationship between architecture and nature with aesthetic curves and balanced lines.